Fequently Asked Questions

What is Microblading?

  Now you can have the eyebrows you've always dreamed of.  Imagine waking up everyday with perfect eyebrows!

  Microblading is a handcrafted technique that creates your desired natural looking eyebrow hair by hair. This is done by depositing color pigments into the outer layer of the skin using a very fine microblade. Unlike eyebrow tattooing, the microblading technique is semi-permanent and lasts anywhere from 9 months to 3 years depending on skin type and how well they are cared for. The benefit of this semi-permanent treatment is that you are able to make adjustments over the years. No one ages symmetrically and eyebrow styles change! Maintaining your perfect eyebrows will keep you looking your best, your youngest (as you can achieve quiet the brow lift!)  and in style!

What can I expect during the Consultation?

  Your eyebrow specialist will meet with you to explain the entire procedure, what to expect and how to properly care for your new brows. An analyse of the following will take place: face shape and brow bone, eyebrow thickness and natural color, skin tone, hair and eye color.  If you have any pictures of desired eyebrow shapes and styles, please bring them to the session to help determine exactly the type of eyebrows you want. 

The technician will draw your new shape onto your face to show you what your new eyebrow shape will look like.

A consultation takes approximately 15 -30 minutes and is designed to answer all of your questions to help you make an informed decision to see if microblading is a fit for you. 

How long will the Procedure take?

  The initial microblading treatment will take between 2-3 hours. A 3 hour appointment is booked to ensure plenty of time is given for additional questions and/or if breaks are needed. The 4-6 week touch-up appointment is a 1.5 hour booking. An annual maintenance appointment is a 2 hour booking.  

Is it Painful?

  No, however this is a medical treatment. As with most procedures on the skin, it is expected that there may be some minor discomfort. Two  anesthetics are used topically on and in the skin (no needles, just creams)  to ensure you are comfortable during the entire procedure. There may be heightened sensitivity during your menstrual cycle.   

Is it Safe?

Safety is an absolute priority of DESIGNER BROWS!!!

Medical Grade Sterilizer is used to sterilize all implements used. Individual, 1 time use, gamma ray sterilized and vacuum sealed microblades are used.  

All pigments used are 100% plant-based.


With which Medical Conditions, is Microblading not recommended?

Pregnancy or Breastfeeding

Diabetes Type 1. Type 2 (with Doctors note only)

Certain Autoimmune Diseases (please advise and inquire)

History of keloid scarring


Alcohol, Advil, Aspirin or anything that thins the blood. No coffee the day morning of treatment.


What does it cost?

Initial Treatment and Touch up $425. Starting August 2019 $500.

Microblading procedure costs vary across North America. Initial treatments range from $200-$1200. Typically higher prices are seen in larger metropolitan cities where fashion and beauty are most popular (California, New York, and Toronto).

The client is fully responsible for attending the follow up appointment 4-6 weeks later. Rescheduling past the 6 week mark will result in an additional $150 cost to account for the extra work needing to be done by the technician. No conditions.

Maintenance Appointments - One session only.

6 month minimum touch up = $140

6 month to 12 month touch up = $200

12 month to 18 month touch up = $275

18 month to 24 month touch up = $350
24 months plus touch up = $425 (includes one touchup)

*If you should require an extra touch up to the initial maintenance treatment, there is a $75 cost.

Cancellations under 48 hours notice or a "No-show" will add $150 to your rescheduled appointment!